World Wide Equity Investment Group (WWEIG) is not only a job creator but a career facilitator; an economic generator in diverse industries around the world by providing enhanced services and strong long-lasting relationships with our customers, suppliers, vendors, and employees. All the while providing profitability for our investors, employees and the communities in which we live and operate in.


Through Mergers & Acquisitions, we provide financial backing, investment and strategic operational control of operating companies through diverse and loosely affiliated investment strategies including Leveraged Buyout, Seller Debt, Earn-Outs, Executive Compensation, and/or Consulting. We collaborate with the selling owner(s), negotiating a more profitable opportunity than a tax-burdened Cash-Out situation. These owners have built a rich history within the community and industry, with a solid market position, a longstanding client base, and dependable operations management. We shape an arrangement for the future, which may include purchasing the company right out with some or all of the existing ownership staying involved to some degree as mentioned earlier.

Even after we close on a deal we ask questions, listen to those who know, make sure we understand "how" it operated in the past and how we can make it better. We invest in additional future growth and opportunities. We intend to hold the company forever. This is better for all parties involved, e.g. employees and the communities. For better or worse, we make decisions based on the long-term. Giving us a slow but reliable growth strategy for allocating any and all available resources. 

 Mission statement

WWEIG seeks to acquire great companies and taking them to the next level.  We accomplish this with exceptional management teams and placing people, processes and the products as a priority, to improve the value of the business, complete add-on acquisitions to support our growth initiatives; utilizing our

team culture and shared core values to uphold the highest professionalism, integrity, and discipline.

Core Values 

  • Have Integrity: Do what is right, legally and morally!
  • Have Respect: Treat others as you wish to be treated!
  • Continue Growing: Always be learning; feeding your inner curiosity!
  • Unbound Mindset: See and Explore beyond the status quo!
  • Be a Team Member/Leader: As a Team, we can accomplish more than individually possible!
  • Strive for Results: Consistently execute!

How We Operate

Depending on the actual needs, We are not out to chop and dismantle the companies we acquire. We want to continue building on the

success of the founder(s) of the companies we acquire. We want potential Sellers, Employees, Vendors, and Suppliers to know,

we are in this for the long haul!

Accessibility and Communication

In today's times, we are available via phone, text, email, video conferencing and depending on location on-site within
just a few hours. We are always available to advise and assist our companies' leaders. We do not micromanage. 
We hire successfully and terminate as needed. All personal feelings aside; its business!

Technology, Systems, and Compliance

We utilize and view technology as a business multiplier when used appropriately. Everyone in our teams has a 
technology background; whether it was acquired from career history or the generation growing up with technology. We
use the latest technologies, social media and marketing systems to provide important and actionable information to
ensure we stay in compliance, on top of the ever-changing market.

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