Company policy dictates vetting the identity of all Brokers, Lenders and Investors who will be involved in

our project prior to accepting or transfer any funding.  We will happily submit personal information to you and

others after the vetting process is complete and deemed satisfactory.  The policy is mandatory when the

referring person is not known to us or our Agents. 

Therefore, please provide the following information as soon as possible, send to the Agent you are working

with :

  1. A legible color photocopy of your current photo ID, preferably a driver's license.
  2. A legible photocopy of your current automobile registration certificate.
  3. A legible copy of a utility (electricity) bill for your home address. It MUST have your name and residence address on it.
  4. Name, Address, Telephone number, website, bank SWIFT code and Email address for the Bank Manager who will hold funds from both sides in Escrow until Closing.
  5. Name, Address, Telephone number, Website and Email address for your Attorney.
  6. Name, Address, Telephone number, Website and Email address for your Accountant.
  7. Name, Address, Telephone number, Website and Email address for any Investor/Lender who will be providing the Funding.
  8. If Applicable, We believe Lenders are only as good as their underwriters; What are your percentages of loans submitted vs loans closed.
  9. Three references for projects you have brokered or facilitated (Name, Email address, Telephone number and project summary).

We request the above information to retain a local agent to verify the identity of all parties prior to doing business.  We hope you understand, in these trying times, we must verify the identity of all parties involved or we cannot move forward with the transaction.  We require the same of anyone who we rely upon for assistance in our projects.

Three main points to consider:

1. We prefer to meet our potential Lenders, Investors or Brokers face-to-face in the office of the bank manager, who will facilitate the transfer of funds from either side and hold all funds in escrow until closing occurs.  We do this prior to paying and transaction fees. Naturally, we cover our personal travel expenses.

2. The terms and conditions of borrowing money from anyone requires us to have specific information about all parties to the transaction, to prevent identity theft and fraud attempts.

3. The last and most important, this should be the standard for all lending transactions, to protect both sides of the transaction regardless of which side you are on.